What is a Wallhack ?

Discover one of the best tools for cheating in your online video games. We explain what a Wallhack is and how it works with the majority of the functions offered. Display a lot of information about your enemies and even your allies with ESP.

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The Wallhack is the best cheat tool you can have for all your online games. The main feature of Wallhack allows you to be able to follow all your enemies and also your allies through the walls at any distance from you.

You can also be at the other end of the map and know their positions in advance. This will give you a considerable advantage over your opponents and you will easily dominate all games.

Follow and anticipate all your enemies movements, even through other obstacles blocking your field of vision. This allows you to anticipate your shots or any other attacks long before they do.

Wallhack also displays the health, exact distance and main weapon of enemy players. But that’s not all, you also have the option to display the best items and weapons around and much more.

Wallhacks are known by a variety of names, including ‘ESP‘ (which stands for ‘Extrasensory Perception’) and ‘VAC’ (which stands for ‘Visual Assistance Cheat’). However, the term ‘Wallhack’ is by far the most descriptive and popular term used to describe this game hacking method, as it allows its users to literally see through walls and objects on Android, iOS, PC, and occasionally Console games. Wallhacks are also known as ESP.

Wallhacking is the act of using a wallhack, which typically enables the user to do much more than simply see friendly and hostile players through walls. The majority of these game hacks will also display lootable items, vehicles, explosives, health bars, 2D radar hacks, name tags, and additional information in addition to the colored boxes of cham overlays that highlight players.

In online multiplayer shooters, the aimbot is the most common cheat, but wallhacks are a close second. Wall hackers are used to great success in many shooter games to get more kills, farm more quickly, and advance through the game more easily. ESPs are utilized in games that are not first-person shooters, but far less often.

What is a Wallhack
Wallhack demonstration

View enemies and allies locations

Kill your enemies before they do

Find the best equipment quickly

Be the best player with the best score

The Wallhack allows you to cheat to win your online games very easily. These different options are configurable to give you an optimal cheating experience. With the Wallhack you can now dominate all your opponents right away and all this without any risk of penalty or ban.

How does a Wallhack work ?

To run a Wallhack and cheat with it on your games is really very simple. Just follow the instructions given with it, it only takes a few seconds with Aimbot.games hacks. In addition, they are undetected and you don’t risk getting banned. Choose a trusted site for cheating and not vulgar scam sites.

Cheats like Wallhacks, ESP, and VAC are able to function because of the method in which all online shooters are required to operate in order to provide players with a competitive gaming experience:

To reduce lag and latency, it is necessary for all graphics to be processed on the game-client, which is the gaming device used by the player. This necessitates the storage of the environment and map surrounding the player on the player’s device, where it can then be scanned for various objects, including other players, items, and so on.

In other words, all of the information that is required to develop a wallhack is already on the device itself and can be accessed at any time. The hack just searches for items in the graphics memory of the device, and then it highlights that information in a style that is useful for the player.

For example, it may highlight the information as boxes, squares, overlays/chams, and so on. Aimbots take things a step further by using this data in order to autonomously aim and fire firearms. To run a Wallhack and cheat with it on your games is really very simple.

Just follow the instructions given with it, it only takes a few seconds with Aimbot.games hacks. In addition, they are undetected and you don’t risk getting banned. Choose a trusted site to cheat on, not vulgar scam sites that sell detected hacks that get accounts banned.

Download the Hacks

Choose the games you want to cheat on with our website. Then download them directly and without any download limits.

Choose the Cheat options

Select the cheat options you want to use to cheat. There are many options that are undetected. Use them and customize them as you wish.

Play and become the best player

Play and cheat without limits on all your video games. Become very easily the best player in all your games. No opponent will be able to stop you.

Here’s how a Simple colored Wallhack works. Thanks to this video, you can see how the Wallhack works from different angles.

Discover the Wallhacks and Cheat safely on your games

The Wallhack ESP lead you to victory

Wallhack ESP

The Wallhack ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) allows you to display a lot of details. As explained, all enemy and allied players, the exact distance they are from you. But also their health points, levels and names.

With the Box ESP feature, you have the possibility to add a box around them in order to better spot them. The Line ESP will show you too the best way to reach your enemies.

The Wallhack ESP

The features of the Wallhack ESP are the most accurate that can exist. Because no detail escapes it. You can choose the distance at which you want to display the information. Get all the information before all the other players. Be the first to be the best equipped and the first to kill them all.

How to get Wallhack ?

To get a Wallhack quickly, go to the page that lists all the cheats and hacks for video games. Choose the game you want to cheat on.

Then download the cheat program. Finally, launch the cheat tool by activating the “Activate Wallhack” option and you’re done.

You are now able to get Wallhacks on you games, have fun !

What are Wallhacks in Warzone ?

Wallhacks which are used on Warzone, are cheat programs. They allow you to see all enemy and allied players through walls.

It is possible to prepare the best ambushes to surprise the enemies and leave them no chance.

This is primarily a huge advantage that can be gained by equipping yourself with hacks for the game.

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What features does Wallhacks include ?

There are a number of different capabilities that may be added to an ESP or wallhack. It’s feasible for a player to get an edge from anything that can be brought to the player’s attention or emphasized.

Some of these aspects could be different from one game to the next, but here are some of the more typical ones:


  • A focus on the adversary Configuration of Boxes, Overlays, and Chans including size, color, and opacity, etc.
  • What kinds of things are highlighted? Only players, goods, explosives, vehicles, treasure, and objectives, among other things.
  • You may choose to display or conceal player names, health bars, and distance in feet or meters.
  • Control whether or not the enemy vision and enemy aim warning system is active. (This will alert you if other players are able to see you or are aiming their weapons at you.)
  • Display information about the adversary, including their class, equipment, hero name, character name, level, and so on.
  • Show skeletons. (This makes it possible for you to see where they are going and precisely what they are doing, which is something that colored boxes are unable to achieve.)
  • Additional game-specific information that is essential to your progress and may be found on the game client, where it is accessible to you.

Can I be banned if I use a Wallhack ?

When compared to aimbots, wallhacks and VAC software are far more difficult for other players to identify.

In most cases, a competent user of wallhacks will not necessarily be able to dominate the game, depending on their level of ability, but they will perform substantially better than they would if they did not use wallhacks.

Despite this, hacks using ESP may still be discovered using automated software that searches for overlays and the like. When using this sort of tool or program, there are still several telltale signs that indicate the usage of Wall hacks, which may still easily have a player reported.

These signs include:

However, among the various methods of cheating that are available in online multiplayer shooters, the wallhack is most certainly the most difficult to ban.

Additionally, it is undeniably the most enjoyable to use because it does not remove all of the skill required to play a shooter or first-person shooter game.

How to know if someone is using a Wallhack ?

If you suspect a player of cheating, you can find out if they are using a Wallhack when :


  • The player is focusing excessively on the walls. (Due to the fact that they are able to see past barriers.)
  • Taking aim and firing at foes when they are behind walls. (This should be obvious.)
  • They were pre-aiming corners as if they were expecting someone to come from that direction. (Because they really use it.)
  • Having near-psychic abilities together with an insane, superhuman, and supernatural knowledge of maps. (Nuff said.)
  • not glancing in different directions, checking corners, and not using the player’s field of vision to search for potential foes. (Because they aren’t obligated to in any way. They are already aware of everyone’s whereabouts (or lack thereof).
  • A day is all it takes for the player’s talents to grow from ordinary to professional overnight. (Because they spent their money on a decent wall hack.)
  • A single one of the aimbot’s many functions. (Because those things often, if not always, go hand in hand with one another. However, in most cases, it is also possible to purchase them separately.)

What are Radarhacks ?

Radarhacks are minimap hacks. They will display you a 2D map of your surroundings and highlight opponents and friendly player / NPCs on said map, enabling you to readily spot enemies behind you that the 3D wallhack is not picking up due to your field of vision.

The name “radar hacks” originates from the older radar and sonar displays that scanned the environment for objects and displayed the results in a two-dimensional format.

It is also possible to include an advanced warning system that analyzes the field of view of potential adversaries to determine whether or not they can see you and whether or not they are shooting at you.

However, aim and vision warning systems are often only featured in the highest level of premium cheating software and will almost always need that you acquire a membership in order to download and use them. 

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