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General terms and conditions of sale

1. Terms of Use.

By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these terms of use and that you will comply with them in full and without limitation.

The editor of the site, Needflare, uses all means at its disposal to provide an up-to-date and reliable content on its site, as well as to secure the hosting of its website, in particular to prevent any propagation of computer viruses via the site.

Aimbot.games reserves the right to modify the content of the present site, at any time and without notice.

The present website : https://aimbot.games may contain links to other websites, or other resources on the Internet. These links are proposed for information purposes only. Insofar as Aimbot.games has no control over the sites or services in question, it cannot be held responsible for the contents, services, or advertising, or any other material available on or from these external sites or resources. Activation of these links is not mandatory, and the user acknowledges that he/she does so at his/her own risk. It is also the user’s responsibility to be aware of the specific terms of use for these other websites or Internet resources.

In order to know the complete address of the company as well as its registration number, please refer to our legal notice.

2. Limitations of liability.

Aimbot.games declines any responsibility for possible direct or indirect damages that could have been caused by the access to the present site, or by the use of the site and/or the information that is made available to the user. This includes, among other things, the inaccessibility, deterioration, destruction or loss of data, and/or the propagation of computer viruses that could occur on the user’s computer equipment. Likewise, it cannot be held responsible for any temporary or permanent interruption of access to this website.

Moreover, in spite of all the care brought to the regular update of the present site, Aimbot.games declines any responsibility relating to possible omissions, inaccuracies or errors which could exist in its contents. The user of the site acknowledges that he/she is aware of this, and that he/she uses the information and resources contained in the present site under his/her exclusive responsibility.

Aimbot.games cannot be held responsible for direct and indirect damage caused to the user’s equipment when accessing the Aimbot.games site, and resulting either from the use of equipment that does not meet the specifications indicated, or from the appearance of a bug or an incompatibility.

Aimbot.games could not also be held responsible for the indirect damage (such as a loss of money) consecutive to the use of the site.

Interactive spaces are at the disposal of the users. The webmaster reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, any content posted in this area that contravenes the legislation applicable in Europe, in particular the provisions relating to data protection. If necessary, the webmaster also reserves the possibility of calling into question the civil and/or penal responsibility of the user, in particular in the event of message with racist, injurious, defamatory, or pornographic character, whatever the support used (text, photograph…).

3. Personal data.

In France, personal data are protected by the law n° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, the law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the article L. 226-13 of the Penal code and the European Directive of October 24, 1995.

When using the site https://aimbot.games, the following information may be collected: the URL of the links through which the user has accessed the site, the user’s Internet protocol (IP) address, keywords used in the search, name or pseudonym when the user leaves a comment.

In any case https://aimbot.games collects personal information relating to the user only for the need of certain services offered by the site. The user provides this information with full knowledge of the facts, especially when he/she proceeds by himself/herself to their seizure. It is then specified to the user of the Aimbot.games site the obligation or not to provide this information.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 38 and following of the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and freedoms, any user has a right of access, of correction and opposition to the personal data relating to it, by carrying out its written and signed request, accompanied by a copy of the title of identity with signature of the holder of the document, by specifying the address to which the answer must be sent.

The personal information of the user of the site https://aimbot.games may be exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold on any medium to third parties. Also the assumption of the repurchase of the site and its rights would allow the transmission of the aforementioned information to the possible purchaser who would be in its turn held of the same obligation of conservation and modification of the data with respect to the user of the site https://aimbot.games.

The databases are protected by the provisions of the law of July 1, 1998 transposing the directive 96/9 of March 11, 1996 relating to the legal protection of databases.

4. Purpose of the collected data.

Aimbot.games is likely to process all or part of the data:

to allow navigation on the Site,

to prevent and fight against computer fraud (spamming, hacking…): computer equipment used for navigation, IP address, password (hashed),

Aimbot.games does not sell your data which are only used by necessity or for statistical and analysis purposes.

5. Intellectual property.

Aimbot.games holds all property rights, notably intellectual property rights, on the present site and the elements it contains (texts, photos, graphic and multimedia elements, and others), or holds the authorization to use the elements that do not belong to it, by their respective owners or right holders. This includes the rights of use and reproduction. Consequently, any partial or total reproduction of this site and the elements it contains is strictly forbidden without written authorization from the site editor or the third party holder of the rights.

Trademarks, patents, logos and all other distinctive signs contained on this site are the property of Aimbot.games, or are the subject of an authorization of use from their respective owners. No right or license on any of these elements will be granted without the written authorization of Aimbot.games or the third party holder of the rights.

6. Services provided.

The https://aimbot.games website is an information website whose purpose is to provide third party cheating methods, techniques, software and applications.

In any case the Aimbot.games site is a supplier and creator of cheating software, the main purpose of the service offered is a subscription to a reserved area called “vip zone”. The purpose of this zone is to list useful links that can be used to cheat in video games via third party links.

The photographs present in the articles are non-contractual and serve only for aesthetic purposes in the web page.

The description and the features presented about the cheats in the articles and pages of the Aimbot.games website do not describe in any way a service or product that Aimbot.games provides, it describes the type of content that can be found in the links available in the vip area (access that the customer, visitor or user pays for).

The user, visitor or customer, automatically pays every month, only an access to a reserved area called “vip”, in which there are cheats, software and external pages that Aimbot.games has chosen and recommends to its visitors, customers and users.

The Aimbot.games website does not host or create any files or software that could infringe on copyright or intellectual property rights.

The functionalities described in the articles and on the pages of the Aimbot.games website depend on the links that are available in the reserved area called “vip”. Aimbot.games is not responsible if one of the third party links present in the VIP Zone were to be defective.

The webmaster makes every effort to provide information on the Aimbot.games website that is as accurate as possible. However, it cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, whether they are of its own making or of the making of third party partners who provide it with this information.

All the information indicated on the Aimbot.games site is given as an indication, and is likely to evolve. In addition, the information appearing on the site https://aimbot.games is not exhaustive. They are given subject to modifications having been made since their setting on line.

7. Payment

The site https://aimbot.games puts at the disposal of its visitors a reserved paying area called “vip” for a monthly price, NOT automatically renewed, of 39€ (basic formula) – 49€ (premium formula) or 79€ (lifetime).

By making the payment, the client, user or visitor certifies that he/she has fully read the home page and the hacks and cheats page, which clearly indicates that these are third-party cheat programs and software from other websites thanks to the mention “third party”. It also understands, as the payment page and the landing page before the payment indicate, that it is only a vip zone that gathers the links proposed by the Aimbot.games website leading to external cheating methods, software and techniques.

The only and unique payment systems currently available on the Aimbot.games website are the payment gateway named Stripe as well as the payment by cryptocurrency accepted via the Coinbase payment gateway.

The user, visitor or customer, makes a payment via the payment system Stripe or Coinbase to be able to create his vip account and to have access to this reserved area (vip area) during 1 month from the date of payment.

The user pays only to have access to the vip zone by creating his account to this reserved area called vip zone. If the user pays via the secure Stripe platform, he will be subscribed as indicated on the landing page and the payment page to a vip subscription and will be NOT debited every month.

No other product, software, cheat or other is sold on the Aimbot.games website. No banking or personal data are collected.

In no case Aimbot.games is the creator of cheating software, once the visitor pays to access this “vip” zone, he/she gets content that could allow him/her to cheat in the proposed video games such as links to other websites, videos and images.

Before having made the payment, the user or visitor, confirms to have read and accepted the general conditions of sale.

The user, customer or visitor, must have given a valid and functional email address, because after having paid for his access, the user, customer or visitor receives his access (license allowing the access) by email on the address given by himself, in no case Aimbot.games will be responsible if the email address is invalid and if the user, customer or visitor in question does not show up.

The customer, visitor or user once the payment is done and before during his reading of the general conditions of sale, takes into account that the creation of account which will allow him to reach the VIP zone can be delivered to him within 20 seconds to 72 hours.

In accordance with the code of consumption and digital goods, the visitor, customer or user, confirms by making a regular payment for this digital good, the fact that his right of withdrawal can not be admissible and therefore no refund can be possible.

8. Software

No proprietary software is made available to visitors, customers or guests. It is only software and programs called “third party”.

All the functionalities of the cheats described on the homepage, the articles and the pages are purely indicative and are the property of the creators of these third party software which do not belong to the https://aimbot.games website and which are only available on other websites. Aimbot.games cannot be held responsible if a functionality is missing or defective, because the customer, visitor or user, pays only to have an access to the reserved area called vip area.

Aimbot.games cannot be held responsible in case of sanction on the video game accounts of its visitors or customers, because the Aimbot.games site does not propose any software, the site only recommends those already existing on the internet.

9. Support and after-sales service.

The Aimbot.games website offers support for the maintenance and proper functioning of the website. The Aimbot.games website does not offer any support, nor help for external links and the implementation of third party cheats and hacks offered. By making this purchase, the user has purchased vip access to the Aimbot.games vip zone. And not a cheat program called cheat or hacks directly.

The support, technical service and after-sales service are just available for replacement of broken external links or to help the customer, visitor or vip member to access inside the vip zone with his purchased vip access.

10. Applicable law.

This website is governed by the application of European laws. It is the responsibility of users accessing the site from a country other than France to ensure that the conditions of use of this Internet site comply with the laws locally applicable in the country from which the site is visited.

Use of the information contained in the site:

Unless otherwise specified elsewhere on the site, you are permitted to view, download and print the documents and information available on this site subject to the following conditions:

The documents may only be used for personal, informational, internal and non-profit purposes

The documents and information may not be modified in any way whatsoever

The documents and information on the site may not be distributed without prior authorization from Aimbot.games

Copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the documents and information may not be modified or removed under any circumstances

Aimbot.games reserves the right to withdraw the authorization to consult, download and print the documents and information of the site at any time. Any use of the above rights must cease immediately upon written notice from Aimbot.games.

The rights that are granted constitute a license and not a transfer of ownership

The above mentioned rights to view, download and print documents and information on the site do not apply to the design or layout of the site.

11. Computer laws and liberties.

In accordance with the European regulations in force, the Users of https://aimbot.games have the following rights:

right of access (Article 15 RGPD) and rectification (Article 16 RGPD), update, completeness of Users’ data – right to block or erase Users’ personal data (Article 17 RGPD), when they are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, outdated, or whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited,

right to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13-2c GDPR)

right to limit the processing of Users’ data (Article 18 GDPR),

right to object to the processing of Users’ data (Article 21 GDPR),

the right to portability of the data provided by the Users, when such data are subject to automated processing based on their consent or on a contract (Article 20 GDPR)

right to define the fate of the Users’ data after their death and to choose to whom La Boîte à Sous shall communicate (or not) their data to a third party they have previously designated.

To exercise your rights, please contact us by mail through our contact form.

In this case, the User must indicate the Personal Data that he would like Aimbot.games to correct, update or delete, by identifying himself precisely with a copy of an identity document (identity card or passport).

Requests for deletion of Personal Data will be subject to the obligations imposed on Aimbot.games by the law, in particular as regards the conservation or archiving of documents.

12. Hypertext links

The website https://aimbot.games contains a number of hypertext links to other websites, set up with the authorization of the webmaster. However, the webmaster does not have the possibility of checking the contents of the sites thus visited, and consequently will not assume any responsibility for this fact.

13. Refunds

The site https://aimbot.games will not make any refunds once the connection has been made by the client, visitor or user. The same applies when the email containing the link to the VIP Zone has been sent. Refunds are therefore impossible in these cases.

Each e-mail sent by Aimbot.games is kept as a tangible proof.

In accordance with the french code of consumption and digital goods, you accept by making a payment for this digital good, the fact that your right of retraction cannot be accepted and therefore no refund can be possible.

14. Affiliated links

You should assume that there is an affiliate relationship with all sites and products mentioned on this site, and that the webmaster may receive compensation or commission when you purchase these products or register with these sites.

In particular, the majority of links to software and licenses.

Third party partners may ask for name/first name and banking information in order to access their services. It is the user’s responsibility to provide or not this information. Aimbot.games will not be held responsible for any amounts debited to the user’s account in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale of third party partners.

The fact for the user to complete an offer by giving information via Aimbot.games and the partner offers is worth accepting the general conditions of use of Aimbot.games as well as those of the said third party partners.

However, all the comments, opinions and articles written by the author are the result of his research of information or of his own tests and are thus given in all sincerity.

15. Notification of incidents.

Despite our best efforts, no method of transmission over the Internet and no method of electronic storage is completely secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee absolute security.

If we become aware of a security breach, we will notify affected users so that they can take appropriate action. Our incident notification procedures take into account our legal obligations, whether at national or European level. We are committed to keeping our customers fully informed of all matters relating to the security of their account and to providing them with all the information necessary to help them meet their own regulatory reporting obligations.

16. Security.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of the Data, Aimbot.games uses networks protected by standard features such as firewalls, pseudonymization, encryption and password protection.

When processing Data, Aimbot.games takes all reasonable steps to protect it from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

17. Termination.

No subscription is automatically renewed so there is no need to cancel. Each time the customer makes a single payment for a 30-day access. Or a single payment for a lifetime access via the Lifetime offer.

18. Internet tags.

Aimbot.games may occasionally employ Internet tags (also known as “tags”, or action tags, single-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs, and one-to-one GIFs) and deploy them through a web analytics partner that may be located (and therefore store information about them, including the User’s IP address) in a foreign country.

These beacons are placed both in the online advertisements that allow users to access the Site, and on the various pages of the Site.

This technology allows Aimbot.games to evaluate visitors’ responses to the Site and the effectiveness of its actions (for example, the number of times a page is opened and the information consulted), as well as the use of this Site by the User.

The external service provider may collect information about visitors to the Site and other websites through the use of these beacons, compile reports on Site activity for Aimbot.games, and provide other services related to the use of the Site and the Internet.

19. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

Any dispute in connection with the use of the https://aimbot.games website is subject to French law.