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Learn more about the team and the company. Learn about the years of versatile skills of all members and how our team decided to create Aimbot.games.

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A team created from a passion

Registered company

Aimbot.games is a registered company in France and registered at the official Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

You can get much more information by consulting our legal notice.

Experienced developers

With third party developers who have many years of experience and in various programming languages.

This is a guarantee of quality for cheating programs. They are available in different versions.

Versatile team

Not to mention the versatility of the team members. Which brings together all the skills to offer you the best quality of cheating.

This has proven to be effective for many years. More than 25000 members trust us.

Passionate members

Passionate for years in the world of video games and more particularly in the world of cheating.

Our team is much more productive to provide you the best cheating quality.

Over 25000 members satisfied with our services

Active and present since 2018 to provide quality cheating

A very responsive team that listens perfectly to its users

The story of Aimbot.games

Passionate about video games and development, our team met on various forums about cheating for online games.

We realized that cheat software users were tired of being banned or infected every time they downloaded and used a public cheat program. Aimbot.games was born in 2011 as a public forum to facilitate mutual aid.

As of 2018 the team decided to turn Aimbot.games into a Company in order to guarantee high quality services.

Being endowed with multiple development skills and an outstanding versatility, that’s why we decided to create Aimbot.games and to put all our skills to good use.

We now offer professional and private players the best quality cheats, without copyright infringement and without any risk of being banned. Join our 25,000 members now !

About us
The story of Aimbot.games

Do you have any questions ?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form provided for this purpose. A member of our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.